210   1936 Singer Le Mans (2 & 4 Seater) Steering Column Centre Trim Plate

In 1936, with the introduction of the under-slung Chassis to the Le Mans models, the steering layout was radically changed and the control of the lighting and charging through the Steering Column Centre down to the SLC2 Switch was abandoned.

Going forward, a Lighting Control Switch was mounted on the Dashboard and the centre of the Steering Wheel was blanked off with a pressed steel plate bearing the letter 'S'.  We have reproduced this pressing as a casting which needs drilling in four positions to align with the bolts that clamp the Steering Wheel and then polishing and chroming.

This plate is 3 1/8" diameter and 1/8" thick.

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(210) Steering Column Centre Trim Plate

(210) Steering Column Centre Trim Plate

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