191  9 HP Rear Hub

For all 9HP and LM models 1933 - 34 and some 1935.

From 1935 onwards Singer 9's had their Half Shafts made from Upset Forgings and the Flange and Studs were an integral part of the Half Shaft.  The splined part then bolted onto the outside of the Brake Drum.  However, on the earlier cars, the Splined part and the Half Shaft were separate components.  If the taper and key have been poorly mated on both parts or allowed to work loose, the resultant damage can cause both parts to be scrap.  Always 'mate' the tapers using a grinding paste and ensure that the key is a good fit.  That's the 'minus' of this system.  The 'plus' is that a broken Half Shaft is much cheaper to replace than the one piece type as the spare is in fact a straight bar of steel that can be easily carried when touring etc.

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191A  Early Rear Hub

191B  C Ring Locking Nut

191C  Lock Washer

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(191) Rear Hub, C rRing & Lock Washer

(191) Rear Hub, C rRing & Lock Washer

(191) Rear Hub, C rRing & Lock Washer

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