174  Cylinder Head

This Cylinder Head fits all Singer 9 Engines from 1933 to 1937 which have the design with semi-hemispherical Combustion areas and the Plugs twinned in pairs as can be seen on the sketch attached.  It is supplied with new Valve Guides (Valves are available at extra cost), 

The Water Outlet Manifold (our item 4) fits this Cylinder Head.  If the Cylinder Head that you are replacing has an integral water outlet cast as part of the Head, it may mean that the pipe on the Header Tank of the Radiator will need to re-positioned if this Head is to be fitted.  If your Head has the four Plugs in a straight line, it makes no difference to interchangeability.  Heads with the integral water outlet are fitted to Singer 9 Bantam and late 1936/37 LM's and as stated, can fit this new Cylinder Head if the Radiator pipe is repositioned.

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(174) Cylinder Head

(174) Cylinder Head

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