145 Lucas Altette Horns 12v

This lovely item was generally mounted on 1934 cars as a pair either side of the Radiator on the same Double Lug Radiator to Wing Bar which mounts the Headlights.  On later cars, a pair were usually mounted lower down on the Starting Handle Support Bar.

We are offering original Horns restored to a high standard and fully tested through 4 stages of their rebuild.  They are coach enamelled and chromed with all fastening replaced with period 'Acorn' nuts to the original pattern.

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145A  Lucas Altette 12v Horns

145B  Lucas Altette 12v Horns Mounting Bracket

145C  Original Horn for restoration

145D  Lucas Alto Horn 

145E  Reproduction Klaxon Horn

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(145) Lucas Horn

(145) Lucas Horn

(145) Lucas Horn

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