120 Hand Brake Cables

Suitable for later cars 1935 &1936 2 and 4 seaters.

These cables are to be attached to a Brake Shoe Actuating Lever which is inside the Brake Drum and these attach using a Clevis as per the diagram.  A pair of Cables is required, one long and one short one make up the set (136 & 179mm) so that clamping is not central as this would foul the centralising action at the Hand Brake Lever.

Not suitable for the earlier 1933 & 1934 and 1.5 litre cars which have a plain piece of wire cable which is one length and attaches to an external lever on the Brake Drum, goes forward around the Hand Brake Lever and then back to the Lever on the Back Plate on the opposite side of the car. we do not supply this Cable and when sourcing this yourself, it needs to be from a certified automotive cable supplier.

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120A  Handbrake Cables - Later Cars 1935 &1936.  

120B  Brake Cables Spring - 5" Long Spring to fit inside the Drum for the above cable-  

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(120) Handbrake Cable & Spring

(120) Handbrake Cable & Spring

(120) Handbrake Cable & Spring

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