Stator Tube and SLC 2 Switch Assembly.

Assembly used on all cars from 1933 - 1935.

Of all the items that we are asked for, this assembly is the one most often missing from cars under restoration.  Original Switch assemblies are extremely rare and very expensive.  We have re-manufactured most of the Switch and can offer these as replacement parts.

Item 105A & 105B are supplied complete with the Horn Button which is not available separately. Item 105 I. Wavy Washer is not available as we have not yet solved the issue of material for this part and for this reason, the complete assembly 105 J is also not available.

Please select option when ordering;

105A  SLC2 Top Cover  Stock already fitted with Button B

105B  SLC2 Horn Button  Not sold separately

105C  SLC2 Lever  Brass or Bronze dependant on current stock

105D  SLC2 Outer Stator Tube  Supplied with Ring H attached

105E  SLC2 Inner Stator Tube  Machined with inner rotating slot

105F  SLC2 Bottom Cover  Rough Casting

105G  SLC2 Brass Piece  Supplied with Wire attached

105H  SLC2 Brass Piece  Supplied with Tube D attached

105I  SLC2 Wavy Washer  Not Yet Available

105J  SLC2 Switch Assembly Complete  Not Yet Available

105K  Bottom Body Casting (Brass)

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(105) Stator Tube and SLC2 Switch

(105) Stator Tube and SLC2 Switch

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