104 Speedo and Rev Counter Cables

The same actual cable is used for Speedos and Rev Counters. Speedos have an aluminium end and do not require the brass mounting Flange (item 104C).  Rev Counter Cables have a brass end to allow the Flange to be brazed on.  The same Cables can be used for  1.5 Litre cars but as they are driven from the Dynamo, they are better shorter and you could shorten one of this item if required.

Both Speed and Rev Counter Cables are available as either a 'screw on' or 'clip on' arrangement at the instrument end as per our drawings.  The drive end for both Cables is a 'screwdriver bladed' arrangement as per our drawing.

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104A  Speedometer Cable

104B  Rev Counter Cable

104C  Rev Counter Cable Flange

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(104) Speedometer & Rev Counter Cable

(104) Speedometer & Rev Counter Cable

(104) Speedometer & Rev Counter Cable

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