Valves were originally manufactured in different grades of material depending on whether they were Inlet or Exhaust Valves.  Also, there are two different types of grooves at the top of the Stem to locate the Collets.  As original Valves are not hardened, it is possible to reduce the head diameter to suit your application.  

Our re-manufactured Valves are in stainless steel and are suitable for both Inlet and Exhaust use.  We only supply these in the 'type B' groove configuration and they are available in three different sizes.  If you are unsure what you require, please send us a sample and we will find something to match from our stocks.

Please select option when ordering;

103A  Type A  Valves - original and unused.

103Ba  Type B 1 3/32"  New Manufacture in Stainless Steel

103Bb  Type B  1 5/32"  New Manufacture in Stainless Steel

103Bc  Type B  1 7/32"  New Manufacture in Stainless Steel

103C  Springs

103 D Collets

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(103) Valves

(103) Valves

(103) Valves

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