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Many enthusiasts wish to restore their cars to original full specification 'special speed' condition and ask 'can I put a speed special Crankshaft into my Block?  If the aluminium housing which encloses the Rear Main Bearing (behind the Flywheel) has 8 holes in it then the answer is yes. If it is the type with 6 holes in it, then the answer sadly is no, as you do not have a speed special block to accept the Crank. Don't assume however, that if you have an 8 hole Housing that your Engine is fitted with a speed special Crank.  It is possible to put a Sports Crank into the large 8 hole special speed Crank Housing. But only a sports crank will fit into the 6 hole bearing housing.  

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96A  Bent Wire Crankshaft for 9 LM Sports

96B  Counter balanced Special Speed Crank for 9 LM Speed Special - This Crank has large counter balance in the middle and it will only fit an 8 bolt Rear Main Bearing Housing.

96C  Crossflow 6 cylinder Crank for 1.5 Ltr cars only

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(096) Crankshaft & Special Speed Crank

(096) Crankshaft & Special Speed Crank

(096) Crankshaft & Special Speed Crank

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