94 2 Seater Luggage Rack

These Racks are available in two widths to suit the 2 seat LMs with the narrower Petrol Tanks (1934 and 1936 models) and those with wider tanks (1935 and 1 1/2 Ltr models).  They are constructed of tubular steel with brass cast fittings which can be supplied separately if you decide to fabricate your own Rack.  Hinge / Bracket 'A' in the diagram are required to hinge the Rack on both sides and casting 'B' is an unusual shaped casting that allows the Rack to be clamped down on one side of the Spare Wheel Clamp Bars where it can be swung upwards (complete with Rack contents) to fill up with petrol without removing the luggage from the Rack

Price is for the Rack supplied complete with all Hinges and Bracket.

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(094) LM 2 seater luggage rack

(094) LM 2 seater luggage rack

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