83 Wind Screen Support Assembly for 1935 onwards 9HP cars

The operation of the 1935 onwards assembly is different to the earlier arrangement (item 82) but the same castings can be modified for use.  The Upper Arm has to have it's tab ground off and a slot machined into it.  The Pivot Shaft in the Pedestal is round without a squared section and the Clamp Disc in place of the Locking Plate is a plain washer.  The Knurled Tightener is bigger but performs the same function.  When tightened, it presses the Clamp Disc which in turn compresses a Cone (sliding on a fixed pin), into a radial slot.  At the same time it forces two Loose Pins (surrounded by Springs) into the dimples in the Pedestal

Alternatively, you can order the following parts which are specifically manufactured for your car

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83A  Windscreen Supports Pedestal

83B  Windscreen Supports Upper Arms

83C  Windscreen Supports Pivot Shaft

83D  Windscreen Supports Cones

83E  Windscreen Supports Fixed Pins

83F  Windscreen Supports Loose Pins

83G   Windscreen Supports Springs

83H  Windscreen Supports Clamp Disc

83I  Windscreen Supports Knurled Tightening Nuts

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(083) Windscreen support 1935 onwards

(083) Windscreen support 1935 onwards

(083) Windscreen support 1935 onwards

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