82 Wind Screen Support Assembly for 1933 - 1935 9HP

Supplied machined but not chromed and two parts of each option are required to make a complete set i.e

2 off 82A Pedestals, 2 off 82B Upper Arms, 2 off 82C Locking Plates, 2 off Knurled Hand Tighteners and 2 off Pivot Shafts.  In order to complete the  assembly you will require 2 off Centre Springs and 2 off Grub Screws which we do not supply.

There are some considerations when or(dering these parts.  Item 82A Pedestal is available in three different heights depending on the Hinge point of your Windscreen and if you are restoring a car without any of these parts or a Windscreen, then you can order to your own preference.

This assembly operates as the Pivot Shaft is screwed into the Pedestal and is permanently fixed by brass welding in a certain position.  Upper Arm (82B) is slid onto the Pivot Shaft and rotates freely with the Windscreen attached until the Locking Plate (82C) engages with the tab on the Upper Arm either in the upright or the flat position.  The Knurled Nut (82D) allows rotation when slackened and not when tightened.  The Grub Screw stops the whole assembly ending up in the Hedge bottom.

When fitted, this assembly allows the Windscreen to fold flat against the Bonnet.

Please select option when ordering;

82A Windscreen Support Pedestal Left and Right Hand - Sold individually

82B Windscreen Support Upper Arms Left and Right Hand - Sold individually

82C Windscreen Supports Locking Plates Left and Right Hand - Sold as a pair

82D  Windscreen Supports Knurled Nuts / Hand Tighteners - Sold individually

82E  Windscreen Supports Pivot Shafts - Sold individually

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(082) Windscreen Support 1933-35

(082) Windscreen Support 1933-35

(082) Windscreen Support 1933-35

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