Singer Radiator recognition is complex as several different versions were fitted by Singer over the years so please look at the diagrams and photo's attached.

59A & 59B are both parallel in width where arrowed in the diagram and item 59A will accept Wire 1 where the Radiator Surround has Lugs mounted on it to accept the Radiator Wire Mesh Frame and item 59B will accept the 'heart shaped' Radiator Wire Mesh Frame and has four 'tags' welded onto the inside of the Radiator Shell for mesh mounting flush.  Both these variants use Wing to Radiator Bars (our items 44 & 45) to tie the Wing to the Radiator.  In all cases, the 4 seat Radiator Shell is 1" taller than the 2 seat variant.

59C is a 1936/37 shell and you can see that it is not parallel.  There is no hole on some and this means that your Headlamps should be wing mounted with our item 47.  If you have a 59C type shell which does have holes where Wing to Radiator bars were fitted, this is quite possible because Singer reverted back to this arrangement because of lack of Wing and Radiator stability on some of the last cars made before the model was discontinued.  Radiator Mesh arrangement 3 fits to this shell and it has no frame but fits to the rear of the shell.

59D is easy to recognise because of the cut out in the side of the shell.  This is for 1935 2 & 4 seat cars ( again 1" longer for the 4 seat cars), and is the only one where the Under Wing Brackets bolt straight onto the Radiator unlike all others where the brackets bolt to the Chassis.  Type D uses Wing to Radiator Bar item 46 and Wire 3 fitted from the rear.

59E are 1.5Ltr shells and can have either 'point' or 'heart' shaped wire fitted.

Radiator Wire Mesh is available separately from us - see our item 251

Please select the variant that you require;

59A  Radiator Shells & Frames - 1933 2 Seat Le Mans & 1934 4 Seat 9hp (1" Taller than LM) with Lugs

59B  Radiator Shells & Frames 1933 2 Seater Le Mans1934 4 Seater 9hp (1" Taller than LM) with Tags

59C  Radiator Shells & Frames 1935 2 Seat Le Mans1936 4 Seat Le Mans

59D  Radiator Shells & Frames 1934 2 Seater Le Mans1935 4 Seat Le Mans (Long Tail)

59E  Radiator Shells & Frames1.5 Ltr (A & B Style)

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(059) Radiator Shells & Frames

(059) Radiator Shells & Frames

(059) Radiator Shells & Frames

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