This is a remanufactured Bonora Lever Top Filler Cap which is manufactured from brass and is supplied fully machined ready for final dressing and polishing prior to chroming.

Please select option when ordering;

56A. Petrol Cap Small - suitable for all 2 seater 9 and 1.5litre cars.

56B.  Petrol Cap Large - this version was made especially for replica team cars and is a slightly larger version of the smaller cap above.

56C. Petrol Cap Necks Small - to suit item 56A

56D. Petrol Cap Necks Large - to suit item 56B

56E. Petrol Cap Flanges for welding to Neck 56D for mounting at an angle on the Replica Tank.

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(056) Petrol Cap

(056) Petrol Cap

(056) Petrol Cap

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