Petrol Tank for 1935 LM 2 Seaters

These are remanufactured Tanks and come complete with a threaded Filler Neck to accept a standard Flip Up Cap, a threaded boss for the Petrol Tap soldered in and a drain plug boss at the bottom.  It also has threaded bolts welded from inside to accept the mesh End Frames.

These Tanks are designed for cars which have one spare wheel inside and one spare wheel outside of the chassis cross bar.

When manufactured, these Tanks are pressure tested for leaks 

Please select option when ordering;

54A  Original Tanks in restorable condition

54B  Tanks manufactured by Vintage Wings with an X indent and are greased for preservation

54C  Early production Tanks in grey galvanised finish with no X indent in the end panels.  

54D  Our premium product with an X indent

54E  Tank for 1 1/2 Ltr models

54F  Tank for Couple models (round)

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(054) Petrol Tank - 1935

(054) Petrol Tank - 1935

(054) Petrol Tank - 1935

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