Wheel ( Slave) Cylinder parts for late 9HP cars 1935 - 1937

These parts are for the later arrangement of Brake Shoe mechanism which has two steel Brake Shoes on one single mounting post on the Back Plate.  The Wheel Cylinder has 2 off aluminium Pistons as per the attached sketch.  On this arrangement the Hand Brake Cable will disappear through a guide in the Backplate into the inside of the Brake Drum where you are unable to see the Actuating Mechanism.

Please select the variant you require when ordering;

33A - Seal Kit comprising of 2 off Boots and 2 off Cup Seals

33P - Late Pistons.

33B - Late Wheel Cylinder complete.  These are a re-manufactured item with a simple design close to the original form

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(033) Late Wheel Cylinder

(033) Late Wheel Cylinder

(033) Late Wheel Cylinder

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